The Way we Work

Quality Control

We log daily progress to ensure we don't forget anything and we don't re-invent the wheel.

We offer a client upload area with a revision tracker. 

The Web Design Process

We impliment project managment and quality checkist procedures for every stage. 

Every client is unique but it usually follows this pattern:

Stage 1: Personal Planning

We take you through this process to make sure we get all the information we need. 

We help you to work out the right site plan for you. 

Stage 2:  Bespoke Design.

We take all the information you have given us and we provide a design for your evaluation and approval before we build the website.

Stage 3: Build 

We build your website. Design and Functionality.

Stage 4: Content

We work with you to help you choose and organise the content for your website.

You can write it yourself, using our guidelines, or we can write it for you.

If you have a Content Management System, you can upload your own content.

If not we will be happy to do that for you too.

Stage 4: Testing and Standards Compliance

Every aspect of the website is thoroughly tested before we go live.

We test to make sure your website is

  • Working in all browsers
  • Usable and accessible
  • Easy to update
  • Standards Compliant ( to the level required DDA, WCAG, Bobby etc) 

Stage 5: Search engine optimisation and launch

We test before the launch

We test immediately after launch. 

We submit your website to the search engines.

Accessibility & Equality

Clooti is committed to honesty, transparency, fair dealing and best practice in all areas of our business.

We believe in clean, accessible and usable design and are committed to providing website's that are accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.
It is also our policy to provide employment equality to all. 

We pride ourselves in our ethical approach to all aspects of our business.